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Welcome to the Site!

Welcome to the home for resources for Sir Wilfrid Laurier Secondary Math teachers. On this site, we'll look at the newest resources that have either been created or found to help you in the classroom. Whether these items are accessible to all or part of the private SharePoint folder, notes on what they are and how to use them will be posted here.

In addition to news and how-tos about resources, you'll also find pages on this site that have links to more resources from around the Internet. There is also a page dedicated to apps and programs that you can use for your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Every so often, I'll post a digest of interesting things that I've read or listened to related to math and pedagogy. If you find something you'd like and you want to share, please send me an e-mail so that way it can be posted here and shared with others from across the board.

--James Gore, Secondary Mathematics Consultant (SWLSB)

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